I am a qualified Meditation Teacher with The British School of Meditation.

However, I do not claim to have legally recognised qualifications or authority to be a counsellor or therapist. I act purely as an advisor. 

My service is offered in good faith but should, under no circumstances, be seen as a substitute for the professional advice of medical doctors, psychiatrists or clinical psychologists. In all cases it is the responsibility of each client to seek appropriate professional treatment for any symptoms of disease or dis-order that they may be experiencing. 

It is essential that clients continue to attend their appointments with their G.P. / qualified counsellor or psychiatrist . 

It is essential that clients continue with all medication and do not make any alteration to doses without first consulting their prescriber. 

The help that I offer to clients, is not, and should never be considered to be a replacement for the professional medical help that you are currently receiving. 

I will never give advice on medication and in the event that I consider that you are in any danger to yourself or to others I will consider it my duty to inform a medical practioner.